Outcome Imps: Using evidence to improve outcomes
Outcome Imps: Using evidence to improve outcomes


Need to know how effective your approach is or how to improve impact? 


Services are increasingly expected to prove the differences that they make to people's lives.  Being outcomes focused may be a new way of working. It involves a shift from counting activities to measuring what actually changes as a result. Services may need support with deciding what will be most meaningful to measure, and how to do this without interfering with service delivery.  


Outcome Imps can review local and international evidence on effectiveness. Want to develop your own evidence? We're the evaluation equivalent of your accountant - we'll help you identify data to collect yourself and we'll analyse it for you. Or we can do a fully independent evaluation from start to finish.  Our team is experienced in qualitative and quantitative approaches including randomised control trials, quasi-experimental studies, outcomes based accountability, case-file analysis, questionnaires, interviews and focus groups.

Our services at a glance:

  • Reviews of existing local and international evidence
  • Analysis of data that your organisation already collects
  • Selection of measures that services can use to assess outcomes
  • Development of shared outcomes frameworks to assess outcomes across multiple services
  • Independent evaluation of changes in client outcomes

Recent projects

  • Support to Barnardos NI with developing an organisational effectiveness strategy
  • Analysis and reviewing of special educational need and support provided for National Council for Special Education (NCSE)
  • Outcomes evaluation of the Specialist Heritage Apprenticeship training programme (CITBNI)
  • Outcomes evaluation of the MOVE mentoring project (NIACRO)
  • Outcomes evaluation of the Lifestart Growing Child programme (Lifestart/ WHSCT)
  • Outcomes evaluation of the Family Support service (Bryson)
  • Outcomes evaluation of the First Connect Service (Age NI)
  • Evaluation of Blossom Babies programme (Blossom Sure Start)
  • Evaluation of Vi-Able
  • Evaluation of the Regional post-primary training programme on Relationships and Sexual Education (Public Health Agency)



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